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Pro Esports Group

Competitive team-based esports continue to grow exponentially in popularity. Pro Esports Group are focused on taking multiplayer eSoccer to the next level.

eSoccer Competitions

We will be hosting the first ever ‘11 humans vs 11 humans’ eSoccer tournaments in 2019: ‘World Championships of eSoccer’. (All tournaments will be streamed live on twitch). We are also developing the first professional 11vs11 eSoccer league in the World - Pro Clubs League. The PCL will host the official esports teams of real-world professional football clubs. All PCL matches will be streamed live on our Twitch channel.

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PCL pro trials – NOW OPEN


eAthlete Agency

We have for the past 6 years continued to grow our scouting network of the best footballers from around the World who compete at the highest level on pro clubs. We help real-world football clubs create and develop their own esports teams from our talent pool. We also help clubs utilise their supporter base to identify talented players from within their own community.

Key areas we look for in our pros

Gaming IQ Skill level Concentration Speed of thought TEAM ethic
Communication Football IQ Decision Making Mental Strength Dedication

If you are a professional football club (or an interested party) looking to develop a professional 11vs11 esports football team, please contact us.

If you are a strong ‘pro clubs mode’ player with 11vs11 competitive match experience, contact us for a pro trial.

World Championships of eSoccer

Up-coming Events

WCOE Invitational Cup

Finals - 16th March 2019

Prize Money: $2000

8 of the best multiplayer pro clubs teams have progressed from group stages into the Final stages of the Invitational Cup. Every game will be streamed live on


WCOE UK Open – 2019

This will be the first ever LAN-based pro clubs event in the UK. Featuring the best pro clubs teams from the UK battling it out LIVE in the arena.

The event will feature live commentary and a post-match analysis studio with special guests.

Date: Summer 2019

Pro Clubs League

The Pro Clubs League (PCL) will be the first professional (11vs11) eSoccer league in the World. It will utilise the multiplayer ‘pro clubs’ mode on EA Sport’s Fifa series

The Pro Clubs League (PCL) is bridging the gap between real world sports brands and the digital world of competitive team-based esports.

Football fans can subscribe to their team’s esports community and watch highlight compilations of their favourite esports footballers.

The PCL also provides fans with the opportunity to watch the PCL Pro League matches streamed live through the mobile app every weekend for free.

PCL Pro Player Trials
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